Rx4good is a team of senior-level healthcare counselors who bring a wide range of perspectives to our work

Hailing from diverse backgrounds—social work, pharma patient advocacy, global public relations, grassroots coalitions, digital strategy, healthcare nonprofits, corporate communications—our broad experience means we bring a 360-degree view to every challenge, developing strategic, thoughtful solutions that both fit the client and solve the problem at hand.

Heidi Adams - Chief Patient Advocate


“As a cancer survivor and long-time patient advocate, I have lived the difference between being voiceless and bringing a powerful voice into the systems that are supposed to help people. We believe in the moral imperative behind the patient mantra: Nothing about me, without me.”

  • Ensures that the patient perspective is included in strategy development and execution
  • Former patient advocacy group founder/executive
  • Expertise in online patient communities, grassroots advocacy and coalition-building

Frank Funaro - Senior Counselor, Strategy & Innovation


“All of us have been, are or will be a patient at some point in our lifetime.  Knowing that – and holding it close – is what drives everything we do.”

  • Drives innovation on Rx4good and client side
  • Direct-to-Consumer and Direct-to-Patient health expert

Meg Hanhan - Counselor, Client Outcomes


“Listening to and understanding the patient and caregiver experience is the only way to truly address their needs.  Partnerships and programs that live this practice are the ones that can make the most impact.”

  • Leads sponsorship and global mapping strategies
  • More than 10 years’ healthcare communications experience

Elise Lombardo - Accounting and Finance


“Patients and caregivers offer profound inspiration and insights as they journey to health.  Learning from their experiences to improve treatments and outcomes is critical to the organizations involved in their care.”

  • Accounting and financial support
  • More than 15 years' communications and agency financial experience

Ann Moravick - President & Catalyst4good


“If we listen intently, truly hear what patients and caregivers are saying to us, and act on their insights, we can learn to ease the burden of disease.”

  • Provides thought leadership and drives client strategy development
  • Former global healthcare director at top ten PR agency

Jamie Santer - Operational/Administrative Support


“We all want to participate in decisions that affect our lives. Why should our health care decisions be any different?”

  • Manages new business outreach: contacts and newsletters
  • Provides support on client projects

Tamar Sekayan, MSW - Counselor, Health Industry Engagement - West Coast


“We have a collective responsibility to get down to the grit of patient-centeredness— to consider healthcare through the lens of how we would want ourselves or our loved ones to be treated. And we need to always remember that the patient is a whole person—before, during and after treatment.”

  • Leads regional and global coordination strategies
  • Expertise in global and national client side advocacy relations
  • Social worker with deep experience in direct patient service, nonprofit programming and evaluation

Empowering Organizations To Put Patients First

Rx4good works with organizations to ensure that business solutions ultimately meet patient needs.

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