Rx4good serves a wide range of clients and partners committed to understanding, engaging and improving the lives of people facing myriad health challenges.  With the stakes high, our approach is built on trust, understanding, collaboration, and rigorous thinking and execution as essential to delivering on our shared vision of putting patients at the center of all we do.

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Each of us shares a common commitment to patient and caregiver involvement in the development of treatments, in shaping clinical trials, and providing perspective on access and support to ease the burden of care and greater access to health innovations.

Our European strategic partner, Patvocates, is a patient-driven think tank and patient-focused social enterprise consultancy, run by patient advocates with decades of experience in patient advocacy. Patvocates has been integral to shaping policies for patient engagement across Europe.

Our Latin America team heads up EMOLUVA Partners and the Latin America Patients Academy (LAPA) whose mission is to develop the capacity of leaders of patient organizations throughout Latin America. LAPA also facilitate better working relationships and strategic alliances between civil society and public health decision makers.

In Asia, Patient Centricity Med Partners, headed by Dr Yukiko Asaeda, MD, is skilled in building trusted networks of local medical doctors, thought leaders and patient communities, including patient advocacy groups. The team has more than 35 years of combined direct experiences in the pharmaceutical industry and brings a unique set of expertise to the emerging commitment to patient centered healthcare in Asia.

Pyxis Partners is a public affairs and social impact firm that advances health equity, access and affordability, with a unique expertise in authentic work around elevating the voices of those historically underrepresented in the healthcare and clinical trial universe.