Empowering Organizations To Put Patients First

Mining 4 Patient Insights

Big picture thinking starts with capturing critical patient insights that reveal opportunities for engagement throughout the drug development and marketing process – from clinical trial design through FDA approval and beyond. We assess the critical questions, frame the research goals and devise the right methodology to deliver optimal learnings.

  • Ad boards
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Focus groups
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Patient Diaries
  • Survey research
  • Social monitoring
  • Videography

Mining 4 Patient Insights

A major pharmaceutical client entering the competitive global rheumatoid arthritis marketplace turned to Rx4good to conduct primary and secondary research to understand the unmet needs of this patient community in the US, Europe and Asia. Through interviews with senior leaders of 19 patient advocacy organizations, an in-depth review of websites and annual reports, and an extensive scan of social media platforms, we uncovered intelligence and insights that guided our client’s advocacy strategy and helped establish their leadership and commitment in a new therapeutic category.

Organizing 4 Patients

Patient advocacy is a dynamic discipline requiring dedicated professionals who are fully empowered and set up for success. Whether your team is large or small, US or global, established or entering a therapeutic category for the first time, we provide counsel, resources, capacity-building and education to help organize and elevate advocacy teams as patient champions.

Advocacy department structure and processes
  • Internal and external benchmarking research
  • Internal working groups & patient network management
  • Advocacy best practice development and sharing
  • Funding strategies and criteria
  • SOPs and advocacy charters
  • Strategic plan development
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Global and regional advocacy toolkits
Advocacy department communications
  • Advocacy summits
  • Annual reports, newsletters and videos
  • “Patients First” workshops and presentations
  • Medical meeting strategies

Organizing 4 Patients

A global pharmaceutical company had a decentralized approach to advocacy relations, with minimal coordination of patient group relationships, budgets and strategic decision making. Rx4good was brought in to manage an internal working group, centralize the company’s approach and add appropriate guardrails. Through internal and external surveys, we identified aspects of the company’s advocacy approach that needed to change. Key Relationship Managers (KRMs) were identified and a pilot launched to measure the impact of the new KRM structure on advocacy group relationships. A post-pilot survey conducted a year later demonstrated that the centralized approach improved perceptions of the company and clarified its approach to patient advocacy for its nonprofit partners.

Partnering 4 Patients

The best partnerships are grounded in understanding, transparency and mutual respect built and sustained over time. We work side-by-side with clients to carefully cultivate relationships with patients, patient groups and other key external stakeholders, identifying opportunities for strategically aligned partnerships that meet myriad patient needs. We also sweat the details, manage the nuts and bolts and create systems and metrics to ensure spends are made wisely and targeted to maximize resources.

Partnership Selection
  • Landscape assessments
  • Rx4good mapping methodology
  • Funding criteria
Partnership Management
  • National and regional advocacy event coordination
  • Patient-centered support, access and educational platforms
  • Sponsorship and corporate strategy & budget tracking
  • Medical meeting strategy
Measuring Success
  • Annual funding reports
  • Metrics development and reporting

Partnering 4 Patients

Measuring outcomes success is critical to healthcare nonprofits. Rx4good forged an innovative collaboration between industry, academia and the nonprofit sector to offer a course on metrics benefitting cancer patient advocacy organizations. Now in its second year, the initiative has provided much-needed capacity-building support to participating nonprofits, with the goal of sharing the learnings more widely through publication in a leading national social impact journal.

Information & Social Sharing 4 Patients

We tap the power of collective thinking from a spectrum of external stakeholders – patient groups, caregivers, respected patient thought-leaders, healthcare professionals, policy makers and other influencers – whose perspectives help shape the healthcare landscape. By mobilizing and sharing these voices, we ensure their perspectives are included in setting and advancing your advocacy and patient-engagement goals.

  • Influencer identification and engagement
  • Social listening, analysis and strategy development
  • Stakeholder communications and targeting
  • Summits, roundtables & working groups

Information & Social Sharing 4 Patient

When a client wanted to better understand advocates’ perceptions of national progress in patient-centricity, Rx4good evaluated a major medical conference as an environment to benchmark prevailing national attitudes. We conducted one-on-one interviews on site with a diverse group of patient advocates, audited patient-focused sessions, evaluated the meeting structure and format, and analyzed social and mass media coverage. Findings were used to inform our client's patient-centric advocacy strategies at medical meetings and beyond, and were packaged for sharing with participating advocacy organizations to close the feedback loop.

Design Labs 4 Patient Solutions

No two challenges are the same and some – whether in a rare disease area, underserved patient community or competitive therapeutic category – are best met through innovative programs tailored to collective needs. Rx4good Design Labs combine research and critical analysis with strategic and creative thinking, and the power of “we” to develop solutions vital to easing the patient journey.

Patients Perspectives First
  • Patient Advocacy Group design advisors
  • Patient Ambassador selection
  • Patient journey needs assessments
  • Patient narratives & sharing
Design Lab Event Planning
  • Agenda setting
  • Empathy exchange
  • Moderated negotiation
  • Outputs: Commitments, White Papers and Reports

Design Labs 4 Patient

For a client entering a new rare disease therapeutic category, Rx4good implemented a multi-phase assignment to support an advisory board gathering of key advocacy groups. Starting with identification and evaluation of key groups for potential participation, we next conducted pre-interviews with participants for stage setting, developed an in-depth background document, advised on the agenda, coordinated meeting details and developed an outputs recommendation highlighting potential areas of future partnership, with a special emphasis on innovative solutions to address mutual areas of interest.