Corporate Patient Responsibility
Corporate Patient Responsibility

Through our research-driven, experience-based strategies, we can help you live your commitment to patients. 50% of our clients engage us as strategic patient advocacy advisors.

We start by looking at your practices and aspirations to ensure that you can successfully deliver on patient-centricity: from your internal advocacy framework to appropriate impact metrics to alignment with corporate ESG or CSR initiatives. Once the key components are in place, we will also help you communicate your successes, internally and externally.
Wherever you are on your journey toward patient-centricity, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

  • Creating a patient-centered structure throughout your organization, including policies, principles, and SOPs
  • Engaging patients and caregivers in ongoing relationships  
    Engaging patients and caregivers in ongoing relationships

    We can help you create and manage patient councils to provide insights on issues that matter to patients and caregivers. These discussions often provide invaluable strategic advice, such as understanding the role of new therapies, making clinical trials more flexible, revealing unmet needs of the patient community, building trust through communications, and learning how to serve diverse communities better.

  • Tackling health inequities to give all patients a seat at the table
  • Building strategies around patient-focused drug development
  • Ensuring alignment of patient-centered advocacy work with corporate ESG or CSR principles and reporting
  • Measuring the impact of your patient advocacy focus  
    Measuring the impact of your patient advocacy focus

    We will help you create a metrics-focused culture that values and celebrates the impact of your work. We can help you define measurable objectives for advocacy relations, assess internal stakeholders’ metrics expectations, set sponsorship criteria, develop metrics frameworks, create metrics dashboards, conduct metrics training, and develop metrics reports.

  • Communicating your commitment to patient-centricity  
    Communicating your commitment to patient-centricity

    Rx4good can help you promote an internal understanding of the importance of advocacy by partnering with you to create webinars, podcasts, annual reports, videos, newsletters, and employee lunch-and-learns highlighting your patient advocacy commitment and work.

Research and Insights
Research and Insights

Our best-in-class research offerings are tailored to deliver rich insights into patient, caregiver, and diverse healthcare stakeholders’ perspectives and needs that can help shape your communications and advocacy strategies.

Landscape Mapping

43% of our clients come to us for our proprietary global mapping research that provides an in-depth look at the stakeholder ecosystem, from patient and caregiver organizations and professional societies to KOLs, social influencers, and policy leaders. Each Rx4good mapping is customized to address a client’s specific needs and driving questions, resulting in actionable insights that inform decision-making at critical points in the advocacy relations-building process.

Insight Gathering

  • Patient journey research
  • Patient and caregiver advisory boards, patient councils, focus groups
  • Patient and advocacy community social listening
  • IRB-approved surveys and one-on-one interviews
  • HCP quantitative and qualitative research
Patient and Caregiver  Engagement
Patient and Caregiver Engagement

After we’ve worked together to gather insights, it’s time to turn knowledge into action. Rx4good can help you engage with and mobilize patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders in a thoughtful and strategic way. We’ll help you do this through:

  • Patient and caregiver education  
    Patient and caregiver education

    Rx4good develops clinical trial information, including websites, study overviews, and toolkits for companies with investigational treatments in the pipeline. We engage patient organizations in developing the messaging and copy and collaborate with digital agencies and CROs in clinical trial strategies. 55% of our clients use our clinical trial communications expertise.

  • Patient and caregiver storytelling  
    Patient and caregiver storytelling

    Rx4good produces videos, podcasts, photo narratives, and websites to illuminate the patient and caregiver experience. 80% of our clients tap us for storytelling and communications.

  • Campaign and content development
  • Policy and issues management  
    Policy and issues management

    Rx4good supports clients in advancing policy goals that support greater patient access, including engaging advocates to testify at hearings, providing issue briefings and policy campaigns, managing Capitol Hill Days, holding stakeholder summits and working groups, and more.

  • Coalitions and working groups  
    Coalitions and working groups

    Rx4good creates grassroots coalitions to mobilize patients and organizations around legislative and policy issues affecting access and safety.