Rx4good Expands Diversity and Inclusion Resources to Address Healthcare Disparities

Announces “Prioritizing Every Patient” Research Fellowship Initiative

December 15 – Rx4good, a leading patient advocacy and engagement consultancy, announced today the launch of Prioritizing Every Patient (PEP), a Research Fellowship Initiative to support clients in their efforts to address health disparities. 

Through PEP, four fellows who are pursuing graduate work in public health or medicine at Harvard, will focus on: illuminating healthcare disparities across diseases, unearthing successful business and community collaboration, showcasing potential community organizations supporting minority populations and contributing to published literature on healthcare disparities.

“The healthcare industry today is stepping up to substantively address the lingering and prevailing racial injustices that have had such negative consequences on patient outcomes among diverse populations for too long,” said Ann Moravick, President and CEO.  “With the creation of the PEP fellowship, Rx4good is focusing our core competencies of research, insight development, advocacy counsel and partnership management on ensuring that advocacy and patient engagement strategies are fully inclusive and sensitive to the needs of underserved minority populations.”

According to Moravick, healthcare organizations and industry are especially focused on addressing disparities in clinical trials, improving access to care and reassessing funding strategies to include organizations addressing health inequities. “PEP was established with these aims in mind and we’re excited to expand Rx4good’s capabilities with these talented graduate fellows.”

They include:  Allina Chang, a former multiple sclerosis researcher at the University of Michigan Medical School, who is currently pursuing her MS in Epidemiology at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Claire Packer, an accomplished researcher currently pursuing an MPH in Quantitative Methods at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Pavithra Nagarajan, an accomplished coder and researcher, currently pursuing her MP in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health; and Shawheen J. Rezaei, a member of the Global Neurology Research Group at Massachusetts General Hospital who is completing Pre-medical post-baccalaureate coursework at the Harvard Extension school.

PEP fellows are engaged in client assignments tailored to the Fellows’ expertise areas, passions and client needs.  “Representing diverse global backgrounds themselves,” Moravick said, “the fellows are not only passionate about research and public health, but in zeroing in on solutions to the complex issues of racial disparities that are also personal to them.”

About Rx4good

Rx4good is a patient advocacy and engagement consultancy established in 2009 and dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations to deliver on their promise to put patients first.  The firm offers a wide range of consulting, research, strategic planning, creative services and event management services. 

For more information about PEP or Rx4good, please contact:  Ann Moravick (ann.moravick@rx4good.com)